Why you should choose natural stone

Natural stone is a popular choice for today’s interior design. It offers permanence and authenticity as well as providing color, texture and value to a property. Homeowners have a variety of natural stones to choose from like granite and marble. The first thoughts when choosing a stone is how it fits the homeowners’ needs, budget, and purpose.

There are a variety of natural stones.

Granite is often a first choice as it is a hard, durable material. It can withstand  high heat, and is stain and scratch resistant. Granite is used in all areas of construction from floors to fireplaces, and used for indoor and outdoor applications. Granite comes from many places in the world and in hundreds of colors and patterns. No two slabs are the same.

Marble is also a popular choice for homeowners. It has been used for centuries and is quarried all over the world. There are a variety of shades of color, and its veins of mineral deposits creates interesting and distinct patterns. It is susceptible to staining and etching.

Limestone is another natural stone that actually improves with age. It color softens and its surface develops a beautiful patina. Limestone has a consistent look no matter what its origins are.

Travertine is another natural stone that is popular in today’s home designs. Formed in hot springs or limestone caves, travertine is characterized by tiny holes made by carbon dioxide evasion.

Slate is a rock that is dense, strong and non-absorptive. It has been used in exterior and interior construction for hundreds of years. North American slate can come in many shades of black, gray, green, purple and red. Because of its durability and stain resistant qualities, it can be used in many different applications.

Onyx and sandstone are two other possible choices. Onyx’s chief characteristic is its translucence due to quartz crystals, but it is a more delicate stone and requires  maintenance. Sandstone has a more uniform texture, low absorption rate,  and is aesthetically pleasing.

Regardless of the choice and application of a natural stone, spills should be wiped up immediately and surface grit removed. Each stone has its own personality and adds its individual beauty and function to a home.

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Carrera Marble Conference Table Refinished in Washington, DC

[button link=”http://zoltanstoneworks.com” color=”orange”] http://zoltanstoneworks.com[/button] A recent client of Zoltan Stoneworks is a real estate company located at DuPont Circle in Washington D.C. The client had a ten by four foot white Carrera marble conference table that needed refinishing. We used a three step honing process to remove scratches and etches. This was followed by polishing the surface to a high gloss. Care was taken to protect the glass enclosed conference room with plastic sheets masked to cover the glass. This was to prevent any 5X polishing components splashing on the glass as it could etch the glass if not wiped off immediately. The refinished table top now had an impressive gloss.

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Church Restoration Project in Alexandria, VA

Zoltan Stone Works recently completed a restoration project in the sanctuary of St. Louis Catholic Church in Alexandria, generic cialis VA.  This parish and church dates back to the mid 1920’s when it first was in a small school house. Later as the number of parishioners swelled to 1, stone usa 700 in 1950s, and the church was renamed St. Louis after the French king, Louis IX. The church is now undergoing a major restoration and Zoltan Stone Works was the company awarded the contract to restore the marble floor.

The floor area is of black onyx bordered in a pink/salmon marble that was in very bad shape. The tiles were very scratched and covered with candle wax. Our first step was to scrape up as much wax as possible. The remaining wax was then removed with a fine diamond grit buffing pad. Next the area was polished with a diamond grit pad and then a loose polishing powder. The finished results were remarkable and contributed to the overall beauty of the new sanctuary.

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Is it a stain? Try this Marble Poultice recipe

Marble is an elegant, discount cialis beautiful stone to use in many areas of your home, stone usa but it does require care to prevent or remedy etches and stains. An etch is a mark that occurs as a result of acids contacting the stone and causing a reaction. A stain can happen on any stone, caused commonly by grease or rust which can leave a permanent mark. Stains might be removed by applying a poultice, but an etch mark needs to be honed by diamond grit and best by a professional. A stain is usually darker and etchings are lighter and duller.

Different stains may need different poultices and recipes can be adjusted accordingly. Hydrogen peroxide is used for rust stains. The peroxide can be replaced by a degreaser when attacking a grease stain. Don’t worry, if a stain can go in, a stain can come out.

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1.Unscented baby powder or talcum powder

2. Plastic cup

3. Plastic wrap

4. Razor blade

5. Masking tape

6. Plastic putty knife

7. Stirrer stick

8. Hydrogen peroxide-40% by volume.

9. Gloves


1. Pick a test area that has the most damage or staining to it.

2. Combine the peroxide and the baby powder in the cup and mix until it is a paste with the consistency of peanut butter.

3. Apply the paste to the stained area with the putty knife about 1/4? thick.

4. Cover the area with plastic wrap.

5. Tape down the edges using masking tape.

6. Use the razor blade to cut one or two slits in the plastic so it can breathe.

7. Allow the paste to stay on the counter for 24 hours.

8. After 24 hours use the plastic putty knife to scrape off the now dried paste.

9. Rinse the work area with water and dry with a paper towel.

10. After the surface is completely dry, compare the test space to the rest of the counter and evaluate your    progress.

11. Repeat the process in sections of the counter until desired result is achieved.

If the poultice doesn’t get the result you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact Zoltan Stoneworks for a free quote 1-(202)400-1541.


Bethesda, MD Marble Master Bathroom Shines Like New

Zoltan Stoneworks recently restored a marble master bath in a beautiful home in Bethesda, MD. The Cream of Marfil marble was badly scratched and the grout lines were almost black with dirt. Our first step was to remove all grout with a hand tool. The empty grout lines need to be very dust free and dry for a strong bond for the new grout. The new grout is then applied and must dry completely overnight. The second day we used a standard three step restoration with 220/400/5X polish to remove scratches and smooth grout lines. The final results made this beautiful marble bath sparkle like new.

Cream of Marfil marble is a classic, elegant tile to use for any decor in baths, countertops, walls or floors, and comes in a range of colors. Zoltan Stone Works will gladly consult with clients on choices of stone.

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Niche Restoration ~ Washington, DC

Zoltan Stoneworks most recent project was for St. Ann’s church in northwest Washington, stone DC. A niche was heavily darkened and soiled by years of candle soot and wax drips. The first step was to clean the area with a heavy alkaline acid cleaner. The results were disappointing, tadalafil so the next step was to grind the surface with the lowest diamond grit #50 which removed about 1/16th of an inch of stone. This process brought the niche back to its original, elegant appearance. The before and after pictures show the amazing results.

Limestone is a softer and more porous stone than granite and other stone, so its maintenance requires more demanding care. Contact Zoltan Stone Works for any stone project, new installations, repairs, or advice on care of stone. For a free conseltation call 1(202)-400-1541.

Marble porch floor in Gaithersburg, MD gets polished!

Zoltan Stone Works recently restored an outdoor porch of white Carrera marble slabs in a home in Gaithersburg, MD. The customer had just purchased this very neglected house and wanted the porch to be restored.

First we used a heavy brush and cleaned the marble with a safe acid wash. The next step we used a 17″ vortex diamond pad to remove the top layer of the stone including the scratches and stains caused by dirt and leaves. After completing this step the stone is very smooth, clean, but porous. A #1 vortex pad seals in the stone and gives the marble a sheen. Because this marble porch is outdoors, it is very important to repeat the sealing process twice. The final results dramatically improved the appearance and durability of the stone.

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Residential Grand Foyer Floors Restoration in Georgetown, DC

A private home in Georgetown, generic stone  DC was the most recent restoration project done by Zoltan Stoneworks. The marble floor in the grand foyer needed restoration including the regrouting of the joints between the marble tiles with white non-sanded grout.The project also required marble scratch removal and the four step refinishing process to produce a high gloss finish.

Because the grout was replaced, the project required multiple days. First the old grout had to be removed  using a triangular carbide tip hand tool. The tip of the tool is placed on the grout line and pushed forward applying pressure to the handle so it will remove the old grout. We must be in control of the tip otherwise it might jump out of the grout line and scratch the marble. Once the old grout is released from the lines, it is vacuumed and the marble is cleaned really well so the new grout can grab the line. Then the new grout is applied as in any other grouting project. The new grout needed to dry overnight, and the next day we completed the usual four step scratch removal and polishing process. Contact Zoltan Stoneworks for a free consultaion 1(202)-400-1541

Marble Floor Refinishing in Annapolis MD

Zoltan Stone Works completed a restoration project of a master bathroom floor in a residential home in Annapolis, MD. The marble floors had been very neglected for years; therefore, a full restoration was needed. The floors were very dull and had no reflection left.

The process started with a 120 grid diamond pad to remove deep scratches. The next step used a 220/400 honing process. Finally  an Italian polishing powder was applied to give the final touch.

Marble flooring requires special attention. Be careful with cleaning products in bathrooms because most cleaning products have ingredients that can harm the marble. If toilet bowl cleaners have lemon or lime scent, it will etch your marble if cleaner drips on the marble. Citric acid is the worst for any marble product. Also, if the marble totally looses the shine, it will take more steps to restore the floor to its original condition. More steps used, more time it will take for the restoration, and it will be a more expensive restoration .

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Carrera Marble Counter Top Resurfacing in Baltimore MD

Zoltan Stone Works most recent residential project in Baltimore, stone sales MD was to convert high polish marble kitchen counter into a honed or a high honed look.  The client wanted the counter top honed because there were too many etches from everyday use. The honed marble will still show etch marks but not as noticeably as the polish finish. Also, cialis generic the trend today is for the classier look for honed marble counters.

Because Carrera marble is a soft stone, it is prone to scratches and spots. These spots are called etches and appear as dull areas. Any acid such as lemon juice or tomato sauce can cause etches. They are not stains but actual changes in the stone making the affected area dull. Honed marble creates a soft, matte finish which blends etches and scratches and makes a more livable, natural counter surface than highly polished stone.

The first step is to break the gloss by using an aggressive grit diamond #50 or #120. The glossy surface i grounded section by section until the surface appears dull. Water added to the diamond pad cuts better and doesn’t create dust. Once the gloss is totally gone, it is honed marble. There are 3 levels of honed marble; low, medium and high. The high honed look is not shiny, but it does show reflection. Zoltan Stone Works offer many services for existing stone surfaces in your home or business as well as installation of new stone. Please call for a free consultation #202-400-1541.