Mexican Tile Restoration in Silver Springs, Maryland

We were hired to renew a Mexican tile sunroom in Silver Springs, Maryland. Mexican tile is a delicate manmade tile with beautiful reds and browns that is offered in a range of finishes from matte to gloss.  Often the finish can flake off from using harsh cleaning chemicals and from everyday wear. The use of vinegar or alcohol based cleaning products will eventually damage the finish on a Mexican tile floor.

We started our project with a deep degreasing alkaline cleaner to remove leftover gloss and dirt. Mexican tile can be sealed with a penetrating sealant or a film forming sealant. A film forming sealant will leave a film on the surface of the tile. We applied a quality acrylic sealant that would be non-yellowing and long lasting. A high-end acrylic floor polish was applied over the sealed surface for added abrasion and wear protection.

Do you have Mexican tile in your home? Here are a few tips to help you care for it:

Mexican tile requires care to ensure that it lasts for years and generations and adds natural beauty to the surroundings. Always keep surface free of dirt and grime that can produce scratches. Dust interior floors frequently using a clean non-treated dry dust mop and use plain warm water to rinse using a microfiber mop or sponge.

Everyday cleaning procedures including sweeping, damp mopping with water and dry dust mopping will keep your tile happy.

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Rosso Verona Marble Countertop Refinished in Potomac MD

Check out this countertop recently refinished by Zoltan Stone Works! We were hired to restore a badly scratched and etched kitchen countertop in Potomac, MD. Underneath all of the damage, the Rosso Verona marble (a name is derived from its producer city of Italy and Rosso means “Red”) was beautiful piece of stone. Rosso Verona is a very popular marble because of its beautiful red color and ability to take on a high luster. The marble has a high hardness and is widely used for stairs and flooring purpose. This is one of the more rare marble varieties.

Our marble counter was deeply etched and scratched so we employed a full 4-step restoration. This stone tends to shine up really nicely, but you can’t rush the process.

4 Steps of Stone Restoration

1. Grinding the stone is the first and most mechanical process in marble restoration, also known as lippage removal or flattening.
2. Next we hone the marble surface to smooth it using industrial diamond pads.
3. Polishing the marble gives the correct sheen to the surface of the stone.
4. Finally we buff the marble to bring out the mirror-like shine.

The end result? The client was thrilled!

Condominium Historical Foyer Floor Recently Updated in Philadelphia, PA

Zoltan Stoneworks was asked to work on a project updating a historical condominium foyer in Old City Philadelphia, PA , 25 unit residence. Old City is a neighborhood in Center City of Philadelphia. The area is near the Delaware River where William Penn and the Quakers first settled. To tourists, this is best known as the site of Independence Hall and its encompassing Independence National Historical Park, Elfreth’s Alley, Carpenters’ Hall, the Betsy Ross House, and many more of Philadelphia’s other historic sites.

The condominium board had asked that the old ceramic tile be replaced with a natural stone product that would hide dirt from everyone entering and leaving the foyer, and reduce the effects of the traffic over time. The tile Zoltan Stoneworks decided to use was a multi color Travertine tile. This Travertine tile has a rustic chiseled edge which matches nicely with the outside of the historical building. There were several important steps in the demolition process. The first step was to use a heavy duty machine to remove the old tiles. Most likely the previous contractors used an epoxy setting material, so it was really hard to remove all the tiles and glue from the subfloor. Once this was removed, we could start the process of replacing the tile. We removed each tile then had to re-sand the floor before adding the new tiles. We also tiled the adjacent walls to height of 36 inches. The new tiles on the walls needed to be aligned with the new step tiles. The main challenge in this project was working around the residents who needed to enter and leave their condominiums. We completed one side of the foyer and then the other in order to accommodate the traffic.

The end result was beautiful and had an updated look to it. The condominium board and the residents who live there thought the job turned out really nice, almost like walking into a different building. The residents were very happy about the results because they felt the whole lobby looked more high-end. Also, because a multi color stone was chosen in a brownish tone, it will hide the dirt especially in winter when people drag in snow and slush from their shoes.

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Carrera Marble Conference Table Refinished in Washington, DC

[button link=”” color=”orange”][/button] A recent client of Zoltan Stoneworks is a real estate company located at DuPont Circle in Washington D.C. The client had a ten by four foot white Carrera marble conference table that needed refinishing. We used a three step honing process to remove scratches and etches. This was followed by polishing the surface to a high gloss. Care was taken to protect the glass enclosed conference room with plastic sheets masked to cover the glass. This was to prevent any 5X polishing components splashing on the glass as it could etch the glass if not wiped off immediately. The refinished table top now had an impressive gloss.

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Niche Restoration ~ Washington, DC

Zoltan Stoneworks most recent project was for St. Ann’s church in northwest Washington, stone DC. A niche was heavily darkened and soiled by years of candle soot and wax drips. The first step was to clean the area with a heavy alkaline acid cleaner. The results were disappointing, tadalafil so the next step was to grind the surface with the lowest diamond grit #50 which removed about 1/16th of an inch of stone. This process brought the niche back to its original, elegant appearance. The before and after pictures show the amazing results.

Limestone is a softer and more porous stone than granite and other stone, so its maintenance requires more demanding care. Contact Zoltan Stone Works for any stone project, new installations, repairs, or advice on care of stone. For a free conseltation call 1(202)-400-1541.

Marble Floor Refinishing in Annapolis MD

Zoltan Stone Works completed a restoration project of a master bathroom floor in a residential home in Annapolis, MD. The marble floors had been very neglected for years; therefore, a full restoration was needed. The floors were very dull and had no reflection left.

The process started with a 120 grid diamond pad to remove deep scratches. The next step used a 220/400 honing process. Finally  an Italian polishing powder was applied to give the final touch.

Marble flooring requires special attention. Be careful with cleaning products in bathrooms because most cleaning products have ingredients that can harm the marble. If toilet bowl cleaners have lemon or lime scent, it will etch your marble if cleaner drips on the marble. Citric acid is the worst for any marble product. Also, if the marble totally looses the shine, it will take more steps to restore the floor to its original condition. More steps used, more time it will take for the restoration, and it will be a more expensive restoration .

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Golden Sienna Travertine Restoration in Annapolis MD

Zoltan Stone Works was consulted by an Annapolis homeowner concerning the rejuvenation of the Golden Sienna Travertine in her master bath. Over the years the shine had disappeared and it had noticeable scratches. Someone had suggested a heavy enhanced sealer that only added to the problems with the dullness of the tile.
Our first step was to strip off the heavy sealer. Once sealer free, best cialis a 17″ machine with 220/440 diamond grid was used to hone the stone. This process removed any etch marks and scratches. Finally, a  5X polishing powder was used to restore the desired high gloss finish. This 180 square foot project took one day including replacing the baseboards. The difference before and after was a tremendous transformation.

The homeowner was amazed at the the results. Golden Sienna Travertine comes in many different warm hues and can be styled in large tiles to small mosaics. This is a popular stone is used for flooring, stairs, walls and decorative trims. When sealing stone, it is important to not use too much sealer and to spread it evenly to prevent puddling.

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Million Dollar Home’s Floor Renovated by Zoltan Stone Works in Potomac, MD

Zoltan Stone Works, Million Dollar Home, Renovation

Zoltan Stone Works was contacted to update the floor of a 3 million dollar home in Potomac, sildenafil MD. This beautiful home boasts flooring made out of Navona stone which has all the advantages of that of a glazed porcelain; however when Zoltan Stone Works was called into action, the floor was in really bad shape, it looked very dull and it showed an obvious ‘wear and tear’ condition (many scratches).

Zoltan Stone Works was able to inspect the flooring accordingly and was able to use a four-step process with a
220-400-800 Dimond grind and polishing powder. The results can be seen in the after picture!

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