Mexican Tile Restoration in Silver Springs, Maryland

We were hired to renew a Mexican tile sunroom in Silver Springs, Maryland. Mexican tile is a delicate manmade tile with beautiful reds and browns that is offered in a range of finishes from matte to gloss.  Often the finish can flake off from using harsh cleaning chemicals and from everyday wear. The use of vinegar or alcohol based cleaning products will eventually damage the finish on a Mexican tile floor.

We started our project with a deep degreasing alkaline cleaner to remove leftover gloss and dirt. Mexican tile can be sealed with a penetrating sealant or a film forming sealant. A film forming sealant will leave a film on the surface of the tile. We applied a quality acrylic sealant that would be non-yellowing and long lasting. A high-end acrylic floor polish was applied over the sealed surface for added abrasion and wear protection.

Do you have Mexican tile in your home? Here are a few tips to help you care for it:

Mexican tile requires care to ensure that it lasts for years and generations and adds natural beauty to the surroundings. Always keep surface free of dirt and grime that can produce scratches. Dust interior floors frequently using a clean non-treated dry dust mop and use plain warm water to rinse using a microfiber mop or sponge.

Everyday cleaning procedures including sweeping, damp mopping with water and dry dust mopping will keep your tile happy.

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Rosso Verona Marble Countertop Refinished in Potomac MD

Check out this countertop recently refinished by Zoltan Stone Works! We were hired to restore a badly scratched and etched kitchen countertop in Potomac, MD. Underneath all of the damage, the Rosso Verona marble (a name is derived from its producer city of Italy and Rosso means “Red”) was beautiful piece of stone. Rosso Verona is a very popular marble because of its beautiful red color and ability to take on a high luster. The marble has a high hardness and is widely used for stairs and flooring purpose. This is one of the more rare marble varieties.

Our marble counter was deeply etched and scratched so we employed a full 4-step restoration. This stone tends to shine up really nicely, but you can’t rush the process.

4 Steps of Stone Restoration

1. Grinding the stone is the first and most mechanical process in marble restoration, also known as lippage removal or flattening.
2. Next we hone the marble surface to smooth it using industrial diamond pads.
3. Polishing the marble gives the correct sheen to the surface of the stone.
4. Finally we buff the marble to bring out the mirror-like shine.

The end result? The client was thrilled!

Crema Marfil Stone Floor in Bathroom Treated in Annapolis, MD

Zoltan Stoneworks completed a bathroom floor project in Annapolis, MD. The bathroom area that we treated was 40 square feet and the floor was made up of a Crema Marfil stone from Spain. It is a classic cream marble with tan undertones. This stone is best for indoor bathroom and kitchen applications, such as backsplashes, flooring, countertops, and wall coverings.

The stone was very scratched for being a relatively new floor. The homeowners’ housekeeper tried to clean some tiles with soft scrub and  permanently etched the floor making it worse. At this stage, the whole marble had to be ground down and honed to get rid of the etch marks. We knew the only way we would be successful was to follow the proper steps. First, we cleaned the floor with a neutral cleaner to pick up any dust particles. For this job we decided to start with a 100 grid which is very aggressive.  One of the marble tiles had an incredibly deep etch mark that could possibly not be able to come out. After we used the 100 diamond grid, the floor looked spotless but very dull. It’s a good sign if it looks like that because that is the way it is suppose to look. After we used a 100 diamond grid, we next continued the process with 220/ 400. When we’re dealing with light marble like this, we can stop at 400 grid.  At this point, the marble begins to get a little reflection but still very far from glossy. Then we used a hog hair pad for our 17″ machine and 5X polishing powder imported from Italy. This is the best polishing powder on the market. We kept the machine for 3 minutes on 10 square foot area, then kept polishing over another 10 square foot for 3 minutes. After the marble had the perfect degree of shine, we did a scrub wash with a white pad to make sure that all the 5X powder was washed off. The homeowners were very pleased with the restoration of their marble bath floor.

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Residential Master Bath Installation in Potomac, MD

Zoltan Stone Works completed a master bath installation in private home in Potomac, Maryland. It was the latest project done by Zoltan Stoneworks. The homeowners chose white Carrera marble tiles that were 24 inches by 12 inches which were mixed with  6 inch by 24 inch honed marble inserts. The inserts created an interesting pattern in the shower area, mixing the high gloss large marble tiles with the rectangular honed inserts. A shampoo box with two shelves of the same marble and a window box effect was included, and all the edges were trimmed with marble 1/2 inch half round trim pieces, occasionally called “pencils”. White grout was then used to provide a cleaner, sharper look to the shower. The homeowners were thrilled with how it looked when finished.

The builder had installed the backer and had prepared the surface for waterproofing.  This is a very important part of the installation process. The walls are then treated with a waterproofing agent called ” red guard”.  Red guard is easy to apply and works very well. After when the backer board was installed and taped, the guard is simply rolled on with a painter’s roller. The top of all screws must also be covered with the waterproofing material. Red guard gives a 100% waterproof protection for the shower. Although this can a little pricy, it is worth it for the end result. Zoltan Stoneworks recommends using red guard wherever waterproofing is necessary. Because It dries over night, the rest of the tile installation can be started the next day. The entire shower installation in this master bath took about one week to finish.

Zoltan Stone Works can advise clients on all aspects of stone installations. Zoltan Stoneworks installs, repairs, or replaces stone for many different clients including building contractors. Please call us for a free consultation for your stone work project (202) 400-1541.

Residential Serpentine Foyer Restored Baltimore, MD

Zoltan Stoneworks recently restored the entry foyer in Baltimore, MD on the beautiful Inner Harbor. This is a high end condominium complex. The hallway serpentine marble floor was so badly scratched and its finish had dulled dramatically over time. The client had really wanted a high-honed finish instead of a high gloss finish to the serpentine marble floor in hopes it would last longer. The area we worked on was 165 square feet and the tiles are 12×12 in size. The first step we had started with was the standard restoration process we had used a 120/220/400 grid to remove all damage and the scratches. Then we used a 120/220/400/800 grid honing process, and then 5X the polishing. On this serpentine marble, we have to go up to a 800 grid.

When working with any kind of the green serpentine marble it needs a higher polishing diamond. This is just the characteristics of this stone. Sometimes we have to go even higher because its a really tough stone to work with. Instead of using a polishing powder, we decided it was much better to used a vortex pad #1/2/3 . The #3 vortex pad is the last step we used to achieve the final high honed finish look that we wanted. After this step, the serpentine marble was then sealed to protect it from the wear and tear. The end result had an incredible shine to it and the client was thrilled with his serpentine marble floor.

The Inner Harbor of Baltimore is a historic seaport, tourist attraction, and landmark. The area known as the Inner Harbor includes the surrounding area and is within walking distance of Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium. The Inner Harbor of Baltimore  has became a model of urban planning and development. In recent years, the area along the waterfront to the east of the Inner Harbor has been developed with condominiums, retail space, restaurants, and hotels. This has become prime real estate for residential and commercial properties.
Zoltan Stoneworks installs, repairs, or replaces stone for many different clients including building contractors. Please call us for a free consultation for your stone work project (202) 400-1541 

Stone floors: How do I prevent winter salt & sand damage?

protect marble floors salt sand snow

Stone floors in your home are beautiful and may seem indestructible, but they do require care especially during the winter months. Here are some helpful tips you can use to keep those floors looking like new.

  1. The first solution to prevent the added dirt and grime to your floors is to ask everyone to remove his or her shoes when entering your home. If you don’t feel comfortable having guest remove their shoes, make sure you have plenty of door mats, and rugs in your entryways for people to wipe their feet on. When shoes are worn they track in dirt and sand, the bottoms of the shoes can act like sandpaper on a stone floor surface and over time will wear the polish right off. You will need to call a stone restoration professional and they can restore the polish using a number of different techniques depending on the severity of the damage.
  2. Decorative or seasonal floor mats can also add a festive touch to your home while protecting your stone.
  3. Frequent mopping and vacuuming as soon as possible will also help prevent damage try to resist mopping, just a gentle sweep of the grit and dirt as quickly as possible to prevent any scratching of the floors. The sand and salt can really scratch your floors or etch and erode the finish. Stone floors with the proper care will be beautiful for many years of use.

If you do the proper steps you can ensure a lifetime of beauty for your stone floors in your home. Stone floors will last a long time if they are taken care of.

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Vintage Marble Floor Restoration in Washington, DC

Zoltan Stoneworks recently completed a project in a turn of the century building in northwest Washington D.C. The lobby of this 1908 condominium had a vintage white marble mosaic bordered with red Tennessee tile. The floor of the lobby had not been restored in decades and it looked like grey porcelain. The marble had also settled into a wavy surface and with many cracks.

Unfortunately we were not able to use the traditional diamond pads to resurface the tile. We needed to use a vortex pad which is spongy and allows the diamonds to reach the high and low areas. Vortex pads are excellent to use on uneven floors. We began with the lowest number diamond pad to buff out the scratches and then worked up to using the highest diamond pad. The final step required a polishing powder to produce a high gloss. The client was very impressed by the transformation of the lobby.

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Carrera Marble Conference Table Refinished in Washington, DC

[button link=”” color=”orange”][/button] A recent client of Zoltan Stoneworks is a real estate company located at DuPont Circle in Washington D.C. The client had a ten by four foot white Carrera marble conference table that needed refinishing. We used a three step honing process to remove scratches and etches. This was followed by polishing the surface to a high gloss. Care was taken to protect the glass enclosed conference room with plastic sheets masked to cover the glass. This was to prevent any 5X polishing components splashing on the glass as it could etch the glass if not wiped off immediately. The refinished table top now had an impressive gloss.

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Is it a stain? Try this Marble Poultice recipe

Marble is an elegant, discount cialis beautiful stone to use in many areas of your home, stone usa but it does require care to prevent or remedy etches and stains. An etch is a mark that occurs as a result of acids contacting the stone and causing a reaction. A stain can happen on any stone, caused commonly by grease or rust which can leave a permanent mark. Stains might be removed by applying a poultice, but an etch mark needs to be honed by diamond grit and best by a professional. A stain is usually darker and etchings are lighter and duller.

Different stains may need different poultices and recipes can be adjusted accordingly. Hydrogen peroxide is used for rust stains. The peroxide can be replaced by a degreaser when attacking a grease stain. Don’t worry, if a stain can go in, a stain can come out.

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1.Unscented baby powder or talcum powder

2. Plastic cup

3. Plastic wrap

4. Razor blade

5. Masking tape

6. Plastic putty knife

7. Stirrer stick

8. Hydrogen peroxide-40% by volume.

9. Gloves


1. Pick a test area that has the most damage or staining to it.

2. Combine the peroxide and the baby powder in the cup and mix until it is a paste with the consistency of peanut butter.

3. Apply the paste to the stained area with the putty knife about 1/4? thick.

4. Cover the area with plastic wrap.

5. Tape down the edges using masking tape.

6. Use the razor blade to cut one or two slits in the plastic so it can breathe.

7. Allow the paste to stay on the counter for 24 hours.

8. After 24 hours use the plastic putty knife to scrape off the now dried paste.

9. Rinse the work area with water and dry with a paper towel.

10. After the surface is completely dry, compare the test space to the rest of the counter and evaluate your    progress.

11. Repeat the process in sections of the counter until desired result is achieved.

If the poultice doesn’t get the result you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact Zoltan Stoneworks for a free quote 1-(202)400-1541.


Bethesda, MD Marble Master Bathroom Shines Like New

Zoltan Stoneworks recently restored a marble master bath in a beautiful home in Bethesda, MD. The Cream of Marfil marble was badly scratched and the grout lines were almost black with dirt. Our first step was to remove all grout with a hand tool. The empty grout lines need to be very dust free and dry for a strong bond for the new grout. The new grout is then applied and must dry completely overnight. The second day we used a standard three step restoration with 220/400/5X polish to remove scratches and smooth grout lines. The final results made this beautiful marble bath sparkle like new.

Cream of Marfil marble is a classic, elegant tile to use for any decor in baths, countertops, walls or floors, and comes in a range of colors. Zoltan Stone Works will gladly consult with clients on choices of stone.

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